Discover the Middle Ages! is Tony McMahon’s blog on the Knights Templar and the Middle Ages that has thousands of followers and over quarter of a million hits. It covers every aspect of this fascinating period of history that you will want to know about. So not only can you follow the adventures of Sir William de Mandeville in Quest for the True Cross – but you can also go on to the blog and find out everything about the Templar period in history.

  • Who were the Templars in the Middle Ages and where can you find Templars today?
  • What are the best movies about the medieval period?
  • Why were the Templars persecuted and eventually destroyed?
  • Is there a link between the Knights Templar and Freemasonry?
  • What were the rituals of this mysterious order?
  • Was there any truth in the many scandalous allegations made about the knights?

Join the blog today and become an expert on the medieval history of the Knights Templar!


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