Quest for the True Cross

Quest for the True Cross
Quest For The True Cross by Tony McMahon

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Tormented nightly by a diabolic creature, William de Mandeville is constantly confronted with his failings as a warrior. In spite of his once impressive battle record, he has succumbed to a madness brought on by seeing friends and fellow knights slain by Saracen scimitars.

Upon the Templar knight’s return to England after being invalided out of the Crusades, he discovers that his father and elder brother have disgraced the family name. His father has come to an ignominious end while his brother tortures and taxes the serfs on their domains. William finds his family detested and dishonoured. He alone can restore honour. But it will take a life threatening quest to achieve that goal.

When William hears that Saracens have stolen the holy cross upon which Christ was crucified, he knows what he must do – even if it means braving the bloody battles once more. The quest is one that will take him across Europe to a crusade at its westernmost tip where Saracens and Crusaders are fighting over the mighty city of Al-Usbuna. Within its formidable walls, lies the True Cross – hidden away. If William can retrieve this sacred treasure, he will win back the respect of his fellow Templars, clear his family name and be able to bury his father with honour and dignity.

Quest for the True Cross by Tony McMahon is a gripping adventure, grounded in the horrors of twelfth-century history and enlivened with an honourable man’s struggle to do right amid the chaos of wrong. It is medieval quest with many themes that ring true in our town time.

Click HERE to buy it on Amazon. Published in Europe by Bertlesmann through its Euromedia imprint in hardback and paperback.


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